Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello, this is reality calling. Do you have a minute?

You have EIGHT DAYS of classes left before finals & Regents.

Are YOU:
  • Doing your homework?
  • In class?
  • Arriving on time?
  • Prepared for class?
  • Studying for your exam?

If you said "no" to ANY of these, you cannot possibly act surprised when you fail the 4th marking period.  Worse, you have no right to be "shocked" when the land of reality hits you between the eyes with a failing Final Exam or Regents Exam score.  Remember, we record the grade YOU give US.  If we get garbage from you to grade, your grade reflects that garbage work.

Global I (periods 3 & 4) has a FINAL EXAM.  it is not the same as last year's test, in case you thought it would be.

Global II (periods 2 & 6) & US History (period 7) have MANDATORY ATTENDANCE during their final exam slot, and also have a REGENTS EXAM.  Whether or not I give a final exam is up to me - the school allows my best discretion on how to use that final meeting with students.  What is NOT negotiable is being in class, as assigned, on time.  If I choose not to give a final exam, I will make timely attendance & preparedness the last double test grade of the year.  I do not have to do it for all classes, that too is my discretion.  This means that all students should arrive, on time, prepared, during their pre-determined final exam date/time.

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