Friday, May 24, 2013

US History: Homework due Wednesday, May 29th

None of this will be accepted late. All prior HW rules, format, etc. apply to this assignment and every other one that is posted here. No further copies will be made due to the difficulty in getting them in a timely manner. If the homework has no heading, is not in proper format, or doesn't follow any of the other requirements, you will not receive credit, you will not get a second chance, you will simply get a zero. Consider yourself warned for the 35th week in a row.

People in Reform Movements Review Questions

All answers can be found on pages A-13 to A-20


1.    Why is Jane Addams important?

2.    Why is Susan B. Anthony important?

3.    Why is John Brown important?

4.    Why is Rachel Carson important?

5.    Why is Cesar Chavez important?

6.    Why Eugene V. Debs important?

7.    Why is Dorothea Dix important?

8.    Why is Frederick Douglass important?

9.    Why is W.E.B. Du Bois important?

10. Why is “Duke” Ellington important?

11. Why is Medgar Evers important?

12. Why is Henry Ford important?

13. Why is Betty Friedan important?

14. Why is William Lloyd Garrison important?

15. Why is Marcus Garvey important?

16. Why is Samuel Gompers important?

17. Why is William Randolph Hearst important?

18. Why is Langston Hughes important?

19. Why is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. important?

20. Why is Robert LaFollette important?

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