Saturday, May 25, 2013

US & Global II Review: Friday, May 31st

This coming Friday's review ends at 7 PM. 
Students are required to stay for the duration of review. 
All students will need a ride home.

If your student signs up, please be on time to pick him/her up.  I have an obligation that requires me to arrive no later than 7:30 PM with a 25 minute travel time to get there, so I must leave promptly at 7 PM or will not be allowed to enter my own event.

The quickest place to pick up your student is behind my classroom.  Go to the end of Sonderling, make a right turn to continue in the parking lot around the building, and not too far down you will see a small parking lot on your right.  The room overlooks this small lot so students will be able to see you and run down to the door at the bottom of the stairs.  Please note that it is just past the dumpsters, not the spots located next to them.

Students who cut Friday's review cannot attend,  Students who are late to class, cut class, or don't do their homework as directed cannot attend.  They are welcome to attend Global Review on M, Th, & F in 2715 as well as W in 2528.  All are 2-3 PM.  I am unaware of any enrichment being offered by the district for US History.

Sign up sheets will go up Monday & remain in effect until Wednesday, the cut off to sign up.

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